The Proximal tibio/fibular joint

Brian Mulligan: “Be on the lookout for “positional faults” when postero-lateral knee pain is being experienced. Maybe it is not a biceps tendon strain or a tensor fascia lata syndrome. Take for example the patient who experiences pain in this area with weight-bearing knee flexion. Have your patient flex their knee while you are gliding the fibular head forward on the tibia. A good way to achieve this is to have the patient place his foot on a chair and lean forward. If pain free, do three sets of ten “MWMS” and reassess. When successful the patient can bend over and “Self MWM” using his thenar eminence to glide the fibular head forward a  home exercise. This technique can be applied in standing when they have pain with extension.”

Source:  Manual Therapy, NAGS, SNAGS, MWMS etc. by Brian R Mulligan, 7th edition.

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