The MULLIGAN™ Concept App

Gain access to over 185 video clips of the MULLIGAN™ Manual Therapy Concept, MWMs, NAGs, SNAGs, PRPs etc.

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Why this App?

The  MULLIGAN™ Concept App is an App which gives access over more than 185 video clips of the MULLIGAN™  Manual Therapy Concept. Each 40 second movie is supported by text instructions of the procedures.

Additional text clip notes give added details and indications for each technique.

This  MULLIGAN™ Concept App is fully endorsed by Brian Mulligan and members of the MULLIGAN™  Concept Teachers Association.

This distance-learning app is exclusively designed as a pre-course preparation and post-course adjunct in support of a  MULLIGAN™ Concept course or study instructed by an accredited  MULLIGAN™ Concept teacher. For an international listing of accredited  MULLIGAN™ Concept instructors and courses go to “courses” on this website.

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About the founder

Brian’s special interest has always been manual therapy since being introduced to the field by Stanley Paris in the early 1960s. He acknowledges as his mentor, Freddy Kaltenborn, but has also found invaluable the contributions of James Cyriax, Geoff Maitland, Robin McKenzie and Robert Elvey.

Brian was one of small group of physiotherapists who formed the NZ Manipulative Therapists Association in 1968. He and his colleague, Robin McKenzie, were the principle teachers on the newly formed Post graduate program for the Diploma of Manipulative Therapy. Brian joined the international lecturing circuit in 1972. Currently he has taught in 91 cities in the United States of America and 20 countries of the world.