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MULLIGAN™ Manual Therapy Concept

Watch the video clip in which Brian Mulligan, founder of the MULLIGAN™ Concept, explains PILL and CROCKS!
Read more about the concept in general, how to become a Certified MULIGAN™ Practitioner, the learning evaluation test, research and more! 

Watch the movie: This is the MULLIGAN™ Concept

Cape Town – Madrid 

Founder’s Profile & History

Mobilisation with Movement manual therapy techniques were discovered and developed by Brian Mulligan F.N.Z.S.P. (Hon), Dip. M.T., Wellington, New Zealand.
Brian trained as a physiotherapist at the NZ School of Physiotherapy and qualified in 1954. Two years later he commenced in private practice in Wellington where he remained until 2000 when he finally retired from active clinical practice.

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Only the teachers you see listed here are approved and accredited by Brian Mulligan and the MCTA to teach the MULLIGAN™ Manual Therapy Concept Courses.

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MULLIGAN™ Products

Looking for the original MULLIGAN™ mobilisation belts, lumbar straps or cervical straps? Or Brian Mulligan’s books?

MULLIGAN™ Techniques, Self-Treatment, Taping A-S

Cervical Techniques and Self-Treatment (ABC)

Temporal Mandibular Joint Techniques (D)

Thoracic Techniques, Self-Treatment and Taping (EF)

Lumbar Techniques, Self-Treatment and Taping (GH)

Sacro Illiac Techniques and Taping (I)

Hip Techniques and Trochanteric Bursistis Tape (J)

Knee Techniques, Self-Treatment and Taping (K)

Ankle and Foot Techniques, Inversion Sprain Tape and Plantar Fasciiitis Tape (LM)

Shoulder & AC Techniques, Self-Treatment and Taping (N)

Elbow and Forearm Techniques, Self-Treatment and Taping (OP)

Wrist and Hand, Techniques and Taping (QR)

Leg Taping (S)