The knee joint

Brian Mulligan: “MWMS should always be tried when there is a loss of movement that is obviously not the result of serious trauma.

There are two techniques, you can use.

The first is the medial or lateral glide MWM.
The second, as expected, is the rotation MWM, because the knee is a hinge joint.

A general guide for the gliding direction, that I use with movement is:
medial glide with medial knee pain and lateral glide with lateral knee pain.

MWMS are much more likely to assist with a flexion loss than extension. A flexion loss is usually the result of a sporting injury and is often seen when the patient is referred with the diagnosis, internal derangement. “

(On the photo: knee internal rotation MWM technique)

Source:  Manual Therapy, NAGS, SNAGS, MWMS etc. by Brian R Mulligan, 7th edition.