REPETITIONS: an approximate guide

The volume or amount of an MWM applied, inclusive of that applied by the practitioner in the clinic and that self-administrated by the patient will usually need to be modified (often increased) to:

  • Sustain beyond the treatment session the effects on the CSIM (Client Specific Impairment Measure) of a successful MWM gained within a treatment session
  • Gain a substantial improvement in the pre-treatment CSIM at subsequent sessions.

While it is currently difficult to provide evidence-based data on the volume required for a successful MWM treatment program, it is generally recognised that several sets of 10 repetitions are required in the clinic to gain long-lasting effects.

Source: Elsevier. Book: Mobilisation with Movement, The art and the science, published in 2011. Authors: Bill Vicenzino, Wayne Hing, Darren Rivett and Toby Hall. Chapter 2-page 22.