MULLIGAN™ Concept is a “patient-centered approach to healthcare

The application of MWM requires the patient to actively participate in their management and promotes patient-centered, collaborative clinical reasoning in several ways.

This active participation of the patient is needed:

-to determine the CSIM (Client-Specific Impairment Measure). The use of the CSIM in relation to the MWM is essential. The CSIM is the active movement or functional task that is the most painful or limited in daily life, and that can be measured by the therapist.
-for a successful application of MWM, because the patient must understand that the technique is 100% without pain and that he/she needs to tell the therapist immediately in case he/she feels any pain
-for the best results, because the patient needs to apply over-pressure (in case of many MWMs techniques)
-for understanding and applying Self-treatment techniques

Effective communication is pivotal to the engagement of the patient and thus the effective application of MWM.