Fist traction

Self-treatment: Fist traction for pain with and a loss of end range flexion (bending head forward).

Brian Mulligan: “Place clenched fist under your chin, so that your chin sits on the plateau formed by your curled index finger and thumb. Your curled little finger lies on upper end of your breastbone.

Place your free hand on top of your skull and pull head down and forward. Because bending of neck into the sore range is blocked with your fist, traction will take place in the lower joints of your neck.
Sustain this traction for ten seconds and repeat procedure three times.

After three self-fist traction neck should flex freely without pain. This can be repeated six times a day if necessary.

If after the first three tractions there is no change in the flexion range give the treatment away. Remember, NO PAIN.”

Source:  Self Treatments for back, neck and limbs by Brian Mulligan, 3th edition.

Watch the video clip: A.27. Cervical Fist Traction